We know better. We have been hand picking our lenses for years. That’s how we ensure our lenses are meeting your expectations. Our practice has been to buy as many as possible of each lens and then to compare their performance. At times, the results are surprisingly equal, but at times, some lenses are far apart in regards to image quality. Our suggestion is to test the lens you’re buying… it’s the only way to get the best performing lens for your camera.
The above picture shows 6 lenses compared agains each other at 100%.


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Do you know the accuracy of your PocketWizards or how much power you loose when you shoot at a high shutter speed compared to an old school pc sync cable? We tested each and compared them all.
The images above illustrate the power coming from a ProFoto flash head shot at the same power setting, but at different shutter speeds. Ideally we would like to see the same output throughout the test, but what we can conclude is that the shutter speed does influence our flash output. When looking at the images to the right, you’ll notice the decrease in brightness when working with the PocketWizards and even more so with the Elinchrom SkyPort.
Images above are exposed respectively @ 1/125 sec, 1/250 sec, 1/500 sec, 1/800 sec.
The Harman job might sound like a 70ties gangster movie about the perfect heist. It is not!  But, it started with a phone call from a client. The question was how to best approach the creative layout that the client had presented?
I met up with the photographer and we had a chance to look through the high-res CGI prints delivered from the ad agency. The idea was clean and simple; they wanted 25 razor-sharp images, all extreme close-ups of products that could be blown up to 6×20 feet and viewed from arms length. I’ve worked on other jobs with focus stacking and knew that focus stacking could solve the problem with very narrow depth of field. To make the perfect image, we needed a high resolving camera with which to shoot between 100-150 plates for each image. Each plate would later be rendered into one perfect, tack sharp image. Getting this close to an object, with the intention of blowing the image up to 6 x 20’ (feet) large prints for in-store use demands the most heightened attention to quality in every aspect. The sharpest lenses were called for, as well as a Phase One 80 Mpix digital back, perfect lightning, and a seamless team of professionals that know exactly what the client is asking for and how to deliver. Captureforce delivered the digital equipment while at the same time handling all the post-production including the retouching and focus stacking.The result is visible in the new Harman Kardon flagship store located on Madison Avenue at 54th Street.


Splendid photographs / Perfect technique.




Links to examples of retouching performed by Captureforce CFX.
CFX Beauty / Fashion,  PDF 11MB  [click here]
CFX Harman Kardon,  PDF 5MB  [click here]
CFX Harman Kardon,  PDF 3MB  [click here]
CFX Radeberger,  PDF 4MB  [click here]