CFX retouching



Retouching by captureforce CFX

Captureforce is a boutique digital service company. We consist of 3 digital techs and 2 retouchers.

In addition to our on-set services, we provide pro CFX retouching for fashion and advertising clients. Our CFX department engages current trends in the digital industry including 3D mapping, creating and manipulating light, and CGI texturing. Being involved in a project from start to finish gives us a unique ability to realize our clients’ vision and has made us a valuable resource among photographers and ad agencies.

We have 2 senior retouchers. One specializes in products and still life, and another in fashion, beauty and CGI texturing. In addition to our retouchers we offer to line-produce everything digital from capture to delivery. We will help meet deadlines and free up your time.  Our clients include POLO Ralph Lauren, TIME Magazine, HEINZ, and Harman Kardon among others.

We deliver finished products in RGB/CMYK ready for print or web accompanied with SWOP proof prints.



Retouching portfolio by CFX:

Fashion / Beauty (Before/After), PDF 11MB  click here
Harman Kardon, PDF 5MB  click here
Harman Kardon, PDF 3MB  click here
Radeberger, PDF 4MB  click here
Sabra Spreads, PDF 20MB  click here
Chicken of the Sea, PDF 5MB  click here