Cost comparison between Captureforce and major NYC competitors

Quality is important, but so are the cost.
We have compared the rates of the largest equipment rental-house in Manhattan, and a major NYC studio/digital capture company, to our own Captureforce FLEX capture package. Neither the rental-house or the digital capture company provide equipment that match the caliber of Captureforce’s capture stations. We provide expensive 16-bit Eizo monitors that are proven to be far superior at evaluating true colors. We also equip each of our MacPro computers with Thunderbolt RAID1 file storage system that guaranties you ALWAYS have a 100% clone copy of every single image you take. The Thunderbolt RAID1 is configured with SSD drives
 We own all our equipment and we make sure all the equipment contains the latest software and firm-ware. Firm-ware is particularly important. If the  equipment does not have the right firm-ware, it will not communicate correctly with the lens, camera, digital back, or computer. Mis-matched firm-ware can make the equipment freeze and can in the worst case, permanently damage the circuit-board. When using rental equipment, you can’t be sure that all the components have the right firm-ware and are “talking” properly together? The fact that Captureforce owns its equipment, and works with it every day, ensures safe and superior operational quality at optimal rates on every job.
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