Cost comparison between Captureforce and major NYC competitors

Quality is important, but so are the cost.
We have compared the rates of the largest equipment rental-house in Manhattan, and a major NYC studio/digital capture company, to our own Captureforce FLEX capture package. Neither the rental-house or the digital capture company provide equipment that match the caliber of Captureforce’s capture stations. We provide expensive 16-bit Eizo monitors that are proven to be far superior at evaluating true colors. We also equip each of our MacPro computers with Thunderbolt RAID1 file storage system that guaranties you ALWAYS have a 100% clone copy of every single image you take. The Thunderbolt RAID1 is configured with SSD drives
 We own all our equipment and we make sure all the equipment contains the latest software and firm-ware. Firm-ware is particularly important. If the  equipment does not have the right firm-ware, it will not communicate correctly with the lens, camera, digital back, or computer. Mis-matched firm-ware can make the equipment freeze and can in the worst case, permanently damage the circuit-board. When using rental equipment, you can’t be sure that all the components have the right firm-ware and are “talking” properly together? The fact that Captureforce owns its equipment, and works with it every day, ensures safe and superior operational quality at optimal rates on every job.
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Digital Showcase

Our first ever digital showcase took place last month, and It was an resounding success! We want to send out a sincere thank you to all those who dropped by Capsule Studio. It was great meeting you!
During the 6-hour event, we got a chance to demo our latest Hasselblad, Mamiya, and Eizo equipment and our newest digital back, the Phase IQ 180, to about 50 New York photographers. A lot of questions were asked enabling us to exhibit our technical proficiency and get a clearer idea of your specific needs.
A special thank you to Kevin and Cliff from Leaf America, who demoed their new digital back, as well as to Jim from Sinar Bron Imaging, who showcased the Broncolor flash-system with Para umbrellas and the mobile pack system.
To prove our gratitude to you for making it all the way to our little digital bash, we are offering you a special coupon* and a promise: next time we will come to you! Book us for your next studio or location shoot before the 1st of January and receive a $100 credit towards add-on equipment rental.
* Offer applies to attendees of the September 27th digital showcase.

Digital Capture Service – January Special 25% Off

Step into the new year and take advantage of our January – February special: 25% off the first day of your first digital capture job. To all our 2006 customers: we were happy to have been of assistance to you last year and would like to offer you a 25% rebate on your entire first capture job in 2007.
This new year brings some exciting changes. We are very pleased to inform you what we have joined forces with CRC and DUN Digital as close partners. Together we now provide comprehensive and diversified services that include: digital capture, RAW processing, c-print proof-sheets, pro-retouching, digital c-print printing, Kodak color-proofs, and final CMYK files ready for print-press.
 Captureforce’s collaboration with DUN Digital will also offer you high-end digital services that feature four manned capture-stations ready to work on-set or on-location. Each station is equipped with a new Leaf Aptus 54S digital back or PhaseOne P45, Apple G5 Tower, and 30″ Apple Cinema displays. After the shoot, we offer three full-time retouchers who work with clients such as Alban Christ for Vogue Italia, Heidi Klum for Birkenstock, and ad-agencies such as Doner or Arnold (UPS, Amtrak, Levi’s, and Samsonite).
 Whether you choose to try our capturing services or our large format print options, the service we provide is unmatched anywhere else in NYC. We are privileged to share the expertise of 37 employees and access all the in-house services you may require.
 We are open for business 8 a.m. to 11 p.m., 7 days/week (Sat.-Sun. 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.).