The world of 4K raw Video

Shooting raw video with cameras, such as the Red Epic or the Canon 5D mark III with the Magic Lantern firmware upgrade, or 4K with the Sony A7s II, offers some appealing advantages. For example you have the ability to color-grade the video footage the same way as when shooting raw with your still camera.
In addition to shooting your job in raw, you now have the ability to shoot in 4K or higher with new cameras such as the Sony A7s II. Capturing 4K is most likely not the resolution at which you’d like to deliver your next job, but it gives you the ability of texturing, shading, lighting, and stabilizing your footage, and it allows you to crop into the frame without losing visible resolution. When done editing, you can down-res your project to HD format, for final delivery. This workflow offers much better results. Cleaner look and a sharper image = professional product.
We have the equipment and the know-how required for your next job: cameras, lenses, new Mac Pro workstations, dailies, post color-grading for broadcast or web.

 Comparison between footage shot in Canon’s H.263 stock mode vs. Magic Lantern’s raw video mode: youTube
 Example of what the Canon 5D mark III is capable of with the ML firmware upgrade: Vimeo
 One more example of the Canon 5D mark III and Magic Lantern: Vimeo